Alan Staley restores and repairs boats at Faversham…

A jolly little film, even if it is rather short. Thanks to the Boat Building Academy for passing the message on about one of our local boatbuilders…

Matthew Atkin photographs Mumbai’s fishing port, its boats and community

Photographer Matthew Atkin in Mumbai 16

Once again, my photographer brother Matthew Atkin has gone out with his Fuji camera and brought home an oustanding set of photos, this time from Mumbai, India – and once again he shows how timber built boats remain supreme in many parts of the world.

Thanks Matt – this collection is jaw-dropping! I guess I don’t really have to add that these beautifully balanced photos remain very much his copyright, but they are.

Matt Atkin photographs boats and river life in Cambodia, part 1




My brother Matt Atkin’s mission to photograph interesting boats and water-borne life throughout the Far East using his Fuju Finepix X100 continues with a mass of illuminating photos from near Siem Reap, Cambodia.

He tells me these shots are of the floating village of Tonle Sap on the River Mekong, which as well as floating homes, a floating school and shops, a floating church (it has a cross above in the photographs), and a temple. The entire village moves from time to time depending on the level of the river.

I must say I like the cute little outboard canoes driven by what could easily be petrol-driven strimmers, and intrigued by the shallows-dodging prop-rudder-steering doberries the larger boats have.

Keep out of the prop’s way, though, if you happen to fall in!

The next selection of shots from this collection will include kids in large washing bowls, and a hand-powered travelling shop.