A ringnetter on the iPlayer

It’s well worth watching. What a wonderful part of the world… For more on ringnetters and the Shemaron, click here.

Grand Tours with Shemaron and BBC


The Wings of a Gull

A whalerman’s lament learned from the singing of AL Lloyd, who at one time worked on the whalers… I really don’t know how traditional it is, given Lloyd’s talent for improving the songs he picked up. Whatever, it’s a damned powerful piece that doesn’t shrink from describing the brutality of the work, nor what seems to be an example of exploitatation. It’s also yet another sea song designed to be a warning to others…

Huge archive of documents from captured warships to be digitised

I missed this the first time – but the latest news is that the digitised papers from ships captured in battle are to be put online. I think it’s wonderful and surprising that they’ve been preserved for so long. They say that some of the letters have never been opened…

Thanks once again to Chris Brady for pointing me to the information.