James Dodds exhibition at Maldon

This is a delightful exhibition of James Dodds work put on by the Hayletts Gallery in Maldon, and in the spirit of our virus-ridden times the gallery has done a great job of putting up an online virtual gallery to view in comfort and safety. But perhaps the best way to see the material is via this guided tour!

My thanks to Malcolm Woods for giving me the tip!

For more from James, see Artist James Dodds talks about this work, the sea and rebuilding the deep sea smack Pioneer and The Song of the Waterlily, set to music.

Gotty in Furrin’ Parts reprinted

Arthur Copping’s amusing second book about his fictionalised adventures sailing and fishing with Leigh fisherman Gotty (in real life a chap called Alfred Boynton) has been reprinted and is available from Howard Turnidge.

Read about Copping’s first Gotty book here.