Tumlare 12 Schnapps for sale


Now you’d had a good long look… What if I were to say this lovely Knud Reimers-designed Tumlare is for sale for something under £10,000? Or that owner David Lea says she’s a wonderful boat to sail as well as a thoroughly beautiful sailing yacht?

Her hull is of Oregon pine on steamed or laminated oak frames (there are no steel frames!) with oak floors and a ply deck. she’s had an extensive re-fit by a previous owner, and the current owner did the cabin fit-out, scarfed-in some frames and strengthened some floors.

Details and more photos are available at the Woodenships website.

There’s a little more on the Tumlare class here.

3 thoughts on “Tumlare 12 Schnapps for sale”

  1. I’m in love! – I have always thought the Tumlare a thing of beauty since reading about them in Adlard Coles early books. To quote him from Sailing Days – “The sails are so small that they are no trouble. Little effort is required to set the spinnaker single-handed, to change jibs or, if conditions require it, to reef or unreef. Thus the yacht is always carrying the right amount of sail to get the best out of the easily driven hull” Now what more could you ask for in a yacht?

  2. Goodmorning misters. I have the same to seel. Here in France. It’ the number 101 “caroline”. builded 1936. new mast, new sails, great road trailer. Yes you can have a Tumlare.

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