Matthew Atkin photographs fishing boats and communities in the Mumbai area

My brother Matt has kindly sent over some more of his photos of boats from around the world – this time, from the Mumbai area of India. The shots above are from Haji Ali. The famous island mosque is visible a mile or two in the distance, but near the land-side shore, the foreground reveals what seems a pretty unpleasant way to make a living, fishing among all that rubbish. Folks eat what gets caught there, no doubt.

The photos below come from  the fish docks at Chinch Bandar.

Matthew Atkin photographs Mumbai’s fishing port Sassoon Dock

Sassoon 35

In his quest for interesting boats to photograph for in the boat shed, my brother Matthew Atkin has seen some sights, but probably none have been as overwhelming as Sassoon Dock.

Here’s what he says:

‘Sassoon Dock – as you can probably tell – really blew me away. The stench was terrible and the heat intense – the soup you had to walk through of fish heads, shrimp shells, diesel and unimaginable black stuff was awful, however I was the only westerner to be seen and felt like I was going back 100 years.

‘All the photos were taken on a Sunday morning. Next time I eat shrimp I hope it is well washed as I now know how it gets shelled and to my plate.’

Thanks for the photos Matt!

Matthew Atkin photographs the boats of Mumbai

My photographing brother Matthew Atkin has been exercising his camera around the harbours of Mumbai again. I hope you enjoy the shots.

Naturally, the dried fish are Bombay duck, a local fish that is usually dried and salted to preserve it, and is then fried for eating as an appetizer before a meal. Strangely, it apparently has a powerful smell but little taste…

Thanks for the photos Matt! For more of my brother’s excellent and exotic photos, click here.