Fish docks at Cheung Chau, Hong Kong

A couple more of Matt Atkin’s photos, this time from Cheung Chau, Hong Kong. For more of my globe trotting amateur photographer brother’s photos, click here.

Matthew Atkin photographs fishing boats and communities in the Mumbai area

My brother Matt has kindly sent over some more of his photos of boats from around the world – this time, from the Mumbai area of India. The shots above are from Haji Ali. The famous island mosque is visible a mile or two in the distance, but near the land-side shore, the foreground reveals what seems a pretty unpleasant way to make a living, fishing among all that rubbish. Folks eat what gets caught there, no doubt.

The photos below come from  the fish docks at Chinch Bandar.

Fishing Boats of Scotland: drawings by Gloria Wilson

Product-Shot-Fishing-Boats-of-Scotland-510x679This arrived today, and its 48 drawings are wonderful. Read all about it and place your order, if you’re interested, at the Lodestar Books website.

The can’t better publisher’s blurb, which says: ‘Gloria Wilson has recorded, both afloat and ashore, the functional beauty of the fishing boat in both timber and steel—mainly of north-east Scotland (with a few craft from Yorkshire, where the artist now lives).’

Some of the vessels shown have subsequently been victims of fisheries legislation that demanded not just their decommissioning, but their destruction, and this book will be an especially interesting and poignant memory for those who knew them.

It’s therefore fitting that there’s a foreword by fishing boat and fisheries historian, and herring  and kipper advocate ‘Kipperman’ Mike Smylie.