Folkestone fishing museum reopens at new site near the Stade

The Folkestone Fishing Museum is open once more in its new location behind The Stade at the old Ovenden Engineering works in Radnor Street.

For many years it has been at the Old Booking Hall on the Harbour.

The museum offers a fascinating glimpse of the history of fishing in Folkestone. Equipment on display includes a wide range of items, but perhaps the museum’s best material is its collection of vintage photographs of local fishermen, the harbour and surrounding area.

Some of Ovenden’s old metalworking equipment is still on display in the museum building.

Entry is free, but the museum would love you to leave a donation to assist with running costs!

Matthew Atkin photographs fishing boats and communities in the Mumbai area

My brother Matt has kindly sent over some more of his photos of boats from around the world – this time, from the Mumbai area of India. The shots above are from Haji Ali. The famous island mosque is visible a mile or two in the distance, but near the land-side shore, the foreground reveals what seems a pretty unpleasant way to make a living, fishing among all that rubbish. Folks eat what gets caught there, no doubt.

The photos below come from  the fish docks at Chinch Bandar.