Victoria of Bridlington, a Bridlington rowing boat at the Beale Park Boat Show




Victoria of Bridlington

It’s high time we had some more photos from the Beale Park Thames Boat Show, as this year’s event isn’t too long away. If it isn’t already in your diary it takes place on the River Thames at Pangbourne, and the dates this year are the 5th-7th June.

Victoria of Bridlington is a Bridlington rowing boat built by the Siddalls, a Bridlington boatbuilding family – read all about them at the website of the Bridlington Sailing Coble Preservation Society. Nowadays, she’s apparently one of two similar boats kept on the Thames, and there’s even a small website including photos of Victoria and an even cuter dog.

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Jukung on Bali

Jukungs on Bali
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An exhibition focusing on Bridlington’s tradition of fishing – and news of a new coble restoration – PS take a peek at the Bridlington Coble Preservation Society website for nice piece about the Siddalls who built the coble Three Brothers, including a splendid photo.

Portsmouth’s Highbury College launches boatbuilding courses

Strikingly weathered wooden boat on a beach in Spain

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The Three Brothers – a coble from the Yorkshire coast

There aren’t many sailing cobles left, and so it’s great to see that the The Three Brothers is on the water in the harbour at Bridlington, and being sailed and cared for by Brid’s own Bridlington Sailing Coble Preservation Society. Built in the town in 1912 at a cost of £75, for many years she was a fishing coble as well as a pleasure vessel during the summer. Cobles converted readily to motor power, but The Three Brothers is now refurbished as a traditional East Coast sailing coble and is sailed regularly by local Naval cadets and members of the Society.
For more on the Society:
If you can add to this story – perhaps links to more photos, details of the restoration or the boat’s history – please email us at . It would be great to be able to add something to what’s currently online.