Giant crab threatens Whitstable


Giant crab threatens fashionable Whitstable on the North Kent Coast – really! Or so this chap says. He’s even made it into the Huffington Post, so it must be true.

I am most grateful to Matthew Valentine for passing this one along. If he hadn’t this weblog might have looked very silly indeed.

Oyster fishing at Whitstable, 1909

I’m sure I recognise some of those folks eating oysters at the end…

My thanks to Chris Brady for finding and pointing out this one.

By the way, I must apologise once again for being a little slow on this website at the moment. We lost our phone and internet service on the 20th July and are still waiting for it to be reinstated.

The remarkable story of Emeline

Swale match 2013 25 Smack F14 Emeline

Faversham smack Emeline in the shed at Hollowshore stern Faversham smack Emeline in the shed at Hollowshore port bow Faversham smack Emeline at Hollowshore bows

The amazing story of how Whitstable oystering smack Emeline turned up on the Costa del Sol and returned to her home area to be restored, repaired and generally saved is here.

Thanks for reminding me about it Save Standard Quay!