The remarkable story of Emeline

Swale match 2013 25 Smack F14 Emeline

Faversham smack Emeline in the shed at Hollowshore stern Faversham smack Emeline in the shed at Hollowshore port bow Faversham smack Emeline at Hollowshore bows

The amazing story of how Whitstable oystering smack Emeline turned up on the Costa del Sol and returned to her home area to be restored, repaired and generally saved is here.

Thanks for reminding me about it Save Standard Quay!

A turning point for Faversham? Historian Arthur Percival speaks about the Standard Quay decision

A turning point perhaps, but today we learned that despite the unanimous vote against the proposal for a restaurant on Standard Quay, there is to be an appeal so the arguments have to be gone through all over again… It’ll be tiresome but it’s got to be done.

Swale Borough Council meets at the Black Building, Standard Quay

Sad, isn’t it, that they could even consider turning this into a restaurant. I hope they make the right decision, but the hostility shown to the chap with the camera may not be a good sign…

By the way, banning filming of meetings like this seems to be in contravention of Government guidance on the issue Рwhich I guess the people involved in this case did not know.