Swale Borough Council meets at the Black Building, Standard Quay

Sad, isn’t it, that they could even consider turning this into a restaurant. I hope they make the right decision, but the hostility shown to the chap with the camera may not be a good sign…

By the way, banning filming of meetings like this seems to be in contravention of Government guidance on the issue – which I guess the people involved in this case did not know.

One thought on “Swale Borough Council meets at the Black Building, Standard Quay”

  1. I’m afraid Swale Borough Council is fully aware of this issue and the current Government guidance but chooses to ignore it. I wrote in 2011 requesting to film a public meeting about Standard Quay for our documentary The Quay, enclosing a copy of Bob Neill’s letter but the chairman refused permission, banned filming anyway and threatened to cancel the meeting unless cameras were switched off.

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