Famous names at the 2008 Great River Race

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Kyle and friends pass by HMS Belfast in the Cutty Sark’s jolly boat –
as usual, click on the photo for a much larger image

The Victory’s cutter

Kyle Abingdon, who works on the Cutty Sark has sent me these photos with the following note. It’s great to see that while the old lady is undergoing some serious surgery, her jolly boat is still getting some use.

‘Hello there.

‘Great Site. I pass by a lot. Its right up on the top of my favorites list – I am always pleased to find lovely pictures and boats.

‘I thought you or somebody out there may like to see some half decent pictures of me and my team rowing in the Cutty Sark’s jolly boat, and also of the HMS Victory’s cutter during this years Great River Race just gone.

‘It was a great day out with lots of lovely mostly traditional boats.

‘All the best.

‘Kyle Abingdon’

Many, many thanks for your kind comments and for your pictures Kyle! It looks like a great day out.