Traditional working boats of Italy’s inland waterways

58_barche_violetta_lago_di_chiusi (1)

Happily, Italy has an association that records the country’s inland traditional boats, cares for them and builds them.

Some of the boats are recognisable flat-bottomed turf boats as you might expect – but others are strange and wonderful.

My thanks to reader Justin Ford for finding this one!


The Beale Park Boat Show part II – various boats from around the show


These photos are from Friday at the Beale Park Boat Sho and to my mind represent some of the best things I say. I’ll put up individual posts explaining one or two of them at some point.

More photos to follow in a day or two, depending on our Internet connection, which is flaky again thanks to BT or PlusNet, or someone…

The Fox of Bloody Woman Island

The Fox Of Bloody Women Island from Bureau of Explorers on Vimeo.

An award-winning film about the remote life of a traditional Norwegian boat builder living close to the Arctic Circle. He works with wood, lives in the dark each winter and swims in the sea in the morning. Brrr…

My thanks to boat designer Michael Storer for passing this one along.