Abandoned lifeboat on the Fleet, Dorset

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Portland boat builder and repairer, freelance writer and environmentalist Ian Baird (contact him here or here) has been finding out about this long wrecked lifeboat on the Fleet near Pirate’s Cove.

Which ship was it from? Did it save lives in doing so? How did it end here? Did it ever have a name of its own?

If anyone would like to chip in with information, please use the Comments link below!

Trows on the Fleet this summer

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Trow on the Fleet, in Hampshire

Trow on the Fleet, in Hampshire Trow boats on the Fleet, in Hampshire Trow on the Fleet, in Hampshire

It’s good to know that the traditional Fleet trows are still in use on the famous body of sheltered water.

I was concerned that these unusual small flat-bottomed wooden boats were looking unloved and might be on the way out when I last saw them, which was getting on for a decade ago. However, if they’re still here in 2010 there seems no doubt that they’re being used and maintained by someone.

Regular readers will know I have a certain interest in these craft  – to find out more about trows and my reworked version in plywood, the Light TrowClick here and page through the many results for much more!

These photos were taken by my friend and colleague Ed Birch on a cycling trip a few weeks ago. Thanks Ed!