San Francisco artist Lawrence LaBianca uses the Light Trow in his work

  California artist Lawrence LaBianca has been using the hull of my Light Trow design in his artwork, we were delighted to learn this morning. Lawrence got in touch this morning to tell us that he’s been working with boat forms and a variety of themes, including Melville’s masterpiece Moby Dick , that among others he has […]

Herefordshire builds a new River Wye trow for the Queen’s Jubilee

We’ve just heard the exciting news that the folks of Herefordshire are building a new Wye trow to represent the county during the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations in June 2012. My thanks to regular Chris Perkins for alerting me to this story. As he says, the new Wye trow will make great company at […]

Ben Crawshaw sails Light Trow Onawind Blue in the Semaine du Golfe du Morbihan

Ben Crawshaw Onawind Blue in the Golf de Morbihan. Photos by Mónica Sitjes Ben Crawshaw’s been having a lovely time sailing his Light Trow Onawind Blue in the Semaine du Golfe du Morbihan – as the pictures above show. He’s been writing about it on his weblog -  the three posts so far are here, […]

Light Trow Onawind Blue flies past (reprise)

  Ben Crawshaw sailing Light Trow Onawind Blue in ‘entertaining’ conditions I’ve posted this clip before, but can’t resist doing so again, after the chap who runs out local chandlery and I watched it again this afternoon. ‘It’s not a slow boat,’ I said, a little surprised as I’d forgotten how well the little Light […]

Trows on the Fleet this summer

[ad#intheboatshed-post] It’s good to know that the traditional Fleet trows are still in use on the famous body of sheltered water. I was concerned that these unusual small flat-bottomed wooden boats were looking unloved and might be on the way out when I last saw them, which was getting on for a decade ago. However, […]

Light Trow Mk 2 plans now available!

I’ve been waiting for Water Craft magazine to publish its Grand Designs series story on the Light Trow before releasing the Mk 2 plans – they’ve also been publishing a two part article by small boat adventurer Ben Crawshaw about his adventures in the Mark 1 boat. But now the big day is almost upon […]

Light Trow Mk 2 – drawings for making a model

Here’s a jolly little project for Easter – making a model of the Light Trow Mk 2. The drawings are here: Light Trow Mk 2 model, and they’re in the form of a zip file containing no less than 18 pdfs. Almost all you need to do is print out each pdf in the zip […]