North Landing, Flamborough, 1933

Here’s some stunning footage of fishing cobles around Flamborough Head, including fishermen bringing in their daily catch, and climmers collecting birds eggs from the Bempton cliffs.

Don’t forget Bridlington’s Coblefest this weekend!

Don’t forget Bridlington’s Coblefest this weekend – the 13-14th August!

The Harbour Heritage Museum will be the headquarters for the festival and the boats due to be there are: Grace, Two Brothers, Morning Harvest, Madelene Isabella, Imperialist, Free Spirit, Mavis, Granby, Christina, Three Brothers, Gratitude and Misnomer.

Meanwhile, here are a few pics of sailing cobles in action to whet your interest… What fine looking boats they are.

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Cobles in Art and Antiques

I’ve just been enjoying the website Cobles in Art and Antiques – as you’d expect from the name it’s a remarkable celebration of the coble.

I particularly like the Victorian and Edwardian photos. The first rather posed shot is from Frank Meadow Sutcliffe; the other two I’m less sure about.

Reading the page about the coble’s origins, I continue to be struck by how little we still know about them – perhaps archaeology will some day find us a missing link that somehow connects the Norse and Danish types with something like the boat we know today.