EW Cooke’s Fifty Plates of Shipping and Craft, published in 1829

Fifty plates of shipping and craft , a collection of drawings by EW Cooke, 1811-80. They were published in 1829, when he was just 18…

Read about him here.

As Arthur Percival points out (comments below – thanks Arthur) there’s a relatively recent biography, if you’re interested and have a few bob to hand.


Cobles in Art and Antiques

I’ve just been enjoying the website Cobles in Art and Antiques – as you’d expect from the name it’s a remarkable celebration of the coble.

I particularly like the Victorian and Edwardian photos. The first rather posed shot is from Frank Meadow Sutcliffe; the other two I’m less sure about.

Reading the page about the coble’s origins, I continue to be struck by how little we still know about them – perhaps archaeology will some day find us a missing link that somehow connects the Norse and Danish types with something like the boat we know today.

An Eye for a Boat – the watercolour paintings of Tony Watts

This Tony Watts watercolour of a yacht off Menorca is a sample from a new book of his work published by Dick Wynne’s excellent Lodestar imprint.

There are more samples to see on the Lodestar website.

Tony Watts is an interesting chap for in addition to his painting, he’s also the author of a history of the famous Humber Yawl Club (read about the club on its website) and also edited the outstanding anthology of the work of Humber Yawl Club founder George Holmes, which was published by Lodestar a couple of years ago.