We’re looking out for Jim Lawrence’s book London Light

This looks like great news to me. From Chaffcutter Books’ Amazon entry, it looks as if it will be available at any moment!

My thanks to Paul Mullings for the tip!


A book about the history of the Sea Marks around the Isle of Thanet

This book about the lighthouses, lightships, beacons, buoys and hazards around Thanet looks unmissable! I suspect I won’t be able to wait for Christmas myself despite my distaste for Black Friday…

I hope Mr Moore next turns his attention to the North Kent coast.

My thanks to Ian Carter for spotting this one!

Knots book includes handy knot selector

Bob Holtzman knot book 2

Bob Holtzman’s new book on knots, The Field Guide to Knots, is out now and available from Amazon!

There are already a lot of knot books out there, so what makes this one different?

Bob Holtzman knot book 3

Bob tells me that it’s designed to help readers identify most functional knots they are likely to encounter – which is why he’s called it a ‘field guide’. It also explains how to untie each knot – which we all know can be an issue!

And, finally, it provides a quick way of selecting the most appropriate knot for a job (see above) – rather than forcing the reader to go through lengthy descriptions of dozens of knots to find one that seems right. I think that’s a strong selling point…

Here’s a typical knot tying page:

Bob Holtzman knot book 1