PH Emerson photos from the Fens and East Anglian coast appear on Retronaut


Photos taken by the Victorian photographer PH Emerson and published in the book Pictures from Fen and Field, dated 1887. More great shots by Emerson of fishing boats and turf boats can be found on the wonderful Retronaut, and and also here, and prints to hang on you wall can be bought here.

Elegant mystery yacht at Orford

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Beautiful yacht at Ore

Beautiful yacht seen at Orford

We spotted this intriguing and wonderfully elegant yacht at Orford in Suffolk while strolling and photographing working boats and wrecks a few days ago. Can anyone help? What’s her name, what is she? Is she Scandinavian? And what’s her story? If you know, please either contact us at, or use the comment button below.

A Sussex beach boat rigged for sailing

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Sussex beach boat rigged for sailing

Sussex beach boat rigged for sailing

Chris Partridge of the Rowing for Pleasure weblog went rowing on Monday (when doesn’t he?) and noticed this traditional Sussex beach boat somewhere up a West Sussex creek.

The great thing about this boat, is that she seems to be rigged for sailing, unlike her motor-only sisters up and down the coast. Thanks for the shots Chris!

See Chris’s report of his rowing trip here; and click here for more posts about this kind of boat and Hastings, where a large number are still to be found among the beach-based fishing fleet.