A Thames lock keeper’s punt

Lock keeper's punt

This Thames lock-keeper’s punt was a featured of Chris Partridge’s childhood and having come down to him through his family, he’s sorting it out ready to put back on the water.

I must say I’m intrigued, as it’s a boat type I haven’t been aware of up to now. Read about it here – and no doubt in later Rowing  for Pleasure weblog posts as Chris’s project makes progress.


Modern-built Victorian racing cutter Integrity impresses at the Southampton Boat Show


Chris Partridge was mightily impressed by the Stirling & Son-built 43ft gentleman’s racing cutter named Integrity at the Southampton Boat Show, and took these photos.

‘The boat is really lovely, superb craftsmanship and materials and supremely stylish with it. I definitely can’t afford to buy Integrity, but now I really want one of Stirling’s little rowing boats. Even for one of them, Ernie will have to oblige, however… ‘

Rowing for Pleasure weblogger Chris normally responds to sailing boats in a measured kind of way – for him a boat without oars is something of a missed opportunity, so this is pretty high praise.

I guess he must also have been impressed with what I think must be the poshest jakes ever seen afloat.

Integrity is for sale through brokers Sandeman Yacht Company – do check the company’s sales details as they include a stunning set of photos.

Many thanks for the photos Chris.

I should mention that Stirlings supply sets of plans for many of the craft they build.

A Sussex beach boat rigged for sailing

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Sussex beach boat rigged for sailing

Sussex beach boat rigged for sailing

Chris Partridge of the Rowing for Pleasure weblog went rowing on Monday (when doesn’t he?) and noticed this traditional Sussex beach boat somewhere up a West Sussex creek.

The great thing about this boat, is that she seems to be rigged for sailing, unlike her motor-only sisters up and down the coast. Thanks for the shots Chris!

See Chris’s report of his rowing trip here; and click here for more posts about this kind of boat and Hastings, where a large number are still to be found among the beach-based fishing fleet.