Masters of the Pacific Coast: The Tribes of the American Northwest, 1. Arrival

American North West

This is a great programme – and includes canoe making and wild salmon smoking. Do watch it if you can…


The Cold Coast of Iceland

Call my romantic, call me soft-hearted, but in winter and particularly around Christmas I often think of those who are busy at sea, carrying the world’s goods or fishing, or protecting their homelands in hostile often bitterly cold and difficult conditions.

Tough men, they must be, and to go with that thought, here’s a tough little song performed by diamond Hull geezer Mike Waterson.

Fishing for herring out of Clovelly the old fashioned way

Herring fishing the traditional way our of Clovelly: ‘We either sail or row.’

From Kipperman Mike Smylie (also see the 40-plus Fishing Boat Association). Thanks Mike!