An extraordinary auction of amazing old boats at Turk’s, Chatham

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This motor launch is on sale at Turk’s

An astonishing sale of boats, many of the interesting and old, is going on at Turk’s of Chatham, Kent, apparently due to a relocation. See the lots here: Turk’s auction.

The story here is that this collection was part of a business providing boating film props that are no longer need – there’s more on this at Rowing for Pleasure. I do hope the important boats all go to good homes!

My thanks to the good folks of the Openboat Yahoogroup for bringing this to public attention.

5 thoughts on “An extraordinary auction of amazing old boats at Turk’s, Chatham”

  1. Strewth Gavin! It's not fair. Lot 10, or 23, or 58, or a whole slew of stuff would do me! Wonder if I could import a few? Look up "Venus" in my pics here and you'll find lot 10.


  2. Does the Arthur Ransom group know about the Swallow replica in this auction? Looks like it can really sail, and was the one in the BBC series.

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