Douglas Marine completes a Selway-Fisher designed steam launch hull

If like me you were a little intrigued by the photos of the steam launch recently completed by Douglas Marine, here are some more photos and details provided by assistant manager Andrew Bedwell.

Built for a private customer, she’s 8m long and is based on the Selway-Fisher Snow Bunting design, modified by Selway Fisher. Her hull was built by Farrow & Chambers, which closed down shortly after the construction of the hull and it was at that point that the owner engaged Douglas Marine to complete the build, including work to construct and fit all the internal furniture, equipment housings and canopy roof.

The owner designed, sourced and installed the steam engine installation himself, with Douglas Marine’s help providing various mountings, housings and bespoke machined parts.

The detailed design and planning work for the fit-out and timber machining work was done in-house by Douglas Marine using a mix of traditional boat building materials and techniques and modern materials, with the aim of minimising maintenance. Finishing methods included epoxy sheathing and coating, traditional single pack coach painting, two-pack spray painting and traditional varnish work.

To put the final touches to the project, Douglas Marine also arranged specially tailored upholstery, a flat trailing cover and an all-round cover to allow the customer to enjoy boating in harsh weather.

Thereare photos of the build and more information  here.

Douglas Marine is currently recruiting: see the earlier post for information.



Lines and construction drawings of old fashioned steam launches wanted

Keith Johnston’s been in touch to ask whether anyone has construction drawings of an old-fashioned steam similar to SL Wisp on the Thames that he could work from in building a new boat? If so, please contact me at, and I’ll put you in touch with him.

SL Wisp is currently up for sale according to the Peter Freebody website – click on the link for photos and details.

Photos from the Beale Park Boat Show 2011

Pierette at the Beale Park Boat Show 2011

1894 Desvignes-built steam launch Pierette, photographed by Pete Williamson

Cordless Challenge entrant Beale Park Boat Show 2011 Water Craft amateur boatbuilding competition Beale Park 2011

Unknown dinghy

Reader Pete Williamson has sent in some snaps of this year’s Beale Park Boat Show, including this shot of the wonderful steam launch Pierrette, and some entries for the kit section of the Water Craft amateur boatbuilding competition (Pete’s boat is the dark blue Selway-Fisher coble made from an Alec Jordan kit).

Also there’s something very unusual here: an entrant for the cordless challenge, in which entrants were asked to race each other around a course on the water using motor power derived from by battery driven cordless power tools. There are a couple of jolly pieces of video showing some of the entrants craft’ at Graham Neil’s weblog and at the Water Craft website. It makes you think, doesn’t it? At least some folks found a use for some old tools…

Finally, I’m not quite sure what the boat in this collection may be or who made it, but I remember being told that it contains a lot of old timber from somewhere, and thinking that the builder had done a nice job when I dropped in at the Barton Home Built Boat Rally meet at Barton Turf at Whitsun. I’ve posted some of my own photos of this craft taken at Barton below.

Thanks Pete!

Youjay dinghy at Barton Youjay dinghy at Barton Youjay dinghy at Barton