The astonishing details of ‘Egyptian’-style Broads wherry yacht Hathor



DSCF7406 DSCF7408 DSCF7453

Wherry yacht Hathor (pronounced Har-Tor) is an astonishing craft. Built by Daniel Hall of Reedham in Norfolk for members of the local Colman family famous for manufacturing dried mustard in 1905, she’s highly decorated in the then-fashionable Egyptian style – and might just give modern-day boatbuilders a few ideas about decorations for their own projects.

She’s definitely worth a visit if you’re in the area, but check with the Wherry Yacht Charitable Trust, as I understand she’s currently in for a refit.

DSCF7450 DSCF7449 DSCF7436

DSCF7435 DSCF7434 DSCF7431

DSCF7423 DSCF7420 DSCF7447

DSCF7443 DSCF7410

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2 Responses to The astonishing details of ‘Egyptian’-style Broads wherry yacht Hathor

  1. Dale says:

    Looks like you'll have to lift your game in boat design!

    "Sailing Julie skiff with inlaid Egyptian style motifs" has a quite a ring to it I think.

  2. Bob Holtzman says:

    Love it. Has me thinking about motifs for my next canoe. Cubist? Surrealist? Federalist?

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