Hathor relaunch and White Moth centenary celebrations on The Broads

The Wherry Yacht Charter folks are celebrating a special year on The Broads during 2015, which will include the relaunch of the wonderful 110 year-old wherry yacht Hathor and the centenary of the fabulous White Moth.

Hathor will be on view at How Hill ahead of her official relaunch celebrations on the 30th May, when four wherries including Hathor will sail together on the River Ant on a round trip from How Hill. Various tickets, viewing and sailing opportunities are available via the Wherry Yacht Charter website.

White Moth’s centenary events in July will include sailings on Ranworth Broad, with three wherries sailing together from Wroxham to Ranworth, viewings at Ranworth staithe, a concert with Patrick Hawes at Ranworth church, and an event with three wherry yachts providing short sails on Malthouse Broad from Ranworth Staithe.

Again, details for these and other events are available via the website.

Widely admired Norfolk wherry yacht Hathor relaunched

Norfolk wherry yacht Hathor was relaunched this week following her hull restoration and is now to undergo work on her interior and everything outside from her sheeline upwards, including her stunning Egyptian-themed inlaid woodwork.

These photos are by John Parker (see the news and photogallery here) and appear here with Wherry Yacht Charter’s permission.

For some photos of her interior that I took a few years ago, click here. For some that Ian Ruston took of her under sail, click here. The locals would say the word you’re looking for to describe that sail is ‘hooj’.

Wherry Albion dismasted!

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Norfolk Broads wherry Albion dismasted during the Breydon Wherry Race of 1952

This photo taken by John Hopthrow comes with permission from the Broadland Memories website – and this page in particular, which includes a scene from the beginning of the Breydon Wherry Race of 1952, and another in which Dragon and Hathor run aground while Albion overtakes. It seems that Albion’s luck didn’t hold out on this occasion…

The page also includes a shot of the ‘new’ Barton Turf sign erected around the same time, which I’m glad to say was still there when I last saw it. If you’ve got a soft spot for the Broads, as we have, you’ll love this site.