Tiernan Roe of Roeboats issues his newsletter – while his boats star in the Game of Thrones

Tiernan Roe microcruiser workshop

It’s always good to hear of a boat builder, repairer and restorer is busy despite the straightened and worrying times in which we live. Here’s Tiernan Roe’s newsletter about the doings at Roe Boats down at Ballydehob, County Cork:

Well it’s been a busy few months here at Roeboats. I’m currently finishing up the interior refit of a Squib keel boat, all of the wooden interior has been replaced with low weight plywood and epoxy coated to limit water absorption and hopefully keep the boat as a light as possible. Of course a fiberglass hull is going to be heavier than a wooden one and probably absorb as much water. Doing this job has reminded me of how much I dislike fiberglass as a material.

I’ve also been spending much of my free time developing plans for the Belfast Lough One DesignJewel‘ class designed by Linton Hope. There’s not much information available about either the designer or the boats, but I think they could be excellent day-sailers/classic racers for the 21st century. More anon. [Read about the Jewels in Folkard on pages 309-312.]

I’ve also been busy building a 16ft micro cruiser for a repeat client. It’ll be a one-person, self righting, yawl-rigged sharpie very similar to the Catbird I built in 2010. I should have the planking finished soon: she’s scheduled for a May launching, just in time for summer.

Other news is that the boats I built for the HBO Game of Thrones TV series are featured in the trailer for season 3, which is way cool (I’ll have to get a tuxedo for all of the Oscars I might win). Watch it here you’ll see the boat around the middle of the clip, don’t blink or you’ll miss it. It’s the one on fire.

That’s all for now, next issue will most likely include the launching of the boat above and a schedule of where you can see some Roeboats on the water during the Summer.

Tiernan can be reached by phone (tel +353 (0)28 38973 and +353 (0)86 158 6937 [mobile]) and via his website.

I must say I’m amused about the Game of Thrones thing… I never imagined I’d be posting about it!

Three-dimensional models of Irish traditional boats now online at Traditional Boats of Ireland

Scattery Island currach model

The Traditional Boats of Ireland website launched a few days ago has begun a programme of laser scanning traditional boats, and posting lines plans and rotatable 3D models.

Ballydehob, Ireland, boatbuilder Tiernan Roe was at the launch, which took place during the Glandore Classic Boat summer school. He reports that the material is impressive and particularly useful from the point of view of a boat builder or student of traditional boat types, as it is possible for the viewer to remove elements from the models to see how the boats were constructed.

Tiernan also reports that another Ballydehobian, Holger Lonze, is proposing a voyage in a Bronze Age boat from the copper-rich Mizen Peninsula in Cork to Cornwall.

Holger was previously involved in retracing St Columba’s voyage from Ireland to the Island of Iona. See Holger’s website here.

Tiernan also reminded me that the Atlantic Challenge takes place at Bantry from the 21st July.

Tiernan Roe photographs Cork Harbour One Designs at Glandore 2011

Cork Harbour One Design yachts Elsie and Querida photographed by boat builder Tiernan Roe Cork Harbour One Design yachts Elsie and Querida photographed by boat builder Tiernan Roe Cork Harbour One Design yachts Elsie photographed by boat builder Tiernan Roe

Cork Harbour One Design Elsie, with CHOD Querida (yellow) behind photographed by Tiernan Roe (click on the thumbnails for bigger images)

County Cork boat builder Tiernan Roe sent in these photos of Fife-designed yachts including Cork Harbour One Designs at Glandore Classic Regatta last week.

(Regular readers may remember that last year Tiernan won a lot of praise for a John Atkin-designed Ninigret. )

Here’s what he says:

‘Glandore is one of the most picturesque and sheltered harbours on the West Cork coast, and every two years the Glandore Yacht Club hosts one of the best classic boat events in Ireland. In the intervening years they hold a classic boat summer school which is also very interesting.

‘This year the few days sailing started in glorious sunshine and almost summer like conditions but alas it degenerated into a typical Irish summer of gales and rains. Well apparently 40 per cent of our rain falls in the summer months. The Romans were right when they called the place Hibernia, meaning ‘wintry’.

‘The blue boat is Elsie a Fife-designed Cork Harbour One Design built in 1896, while the yellow boat is Querida another CHOD of same year. They are they only two currently left racing in Cork and they are beauties to look at and to sail.

‘I’m currently researching the possibility of building one if I can find a client. I’ve already secured the co-operation of Fairlie Restorations, the holders of the Fife archive.

‘As the CHOD is just over 30ft long she’ll fit in a 40ft shipping container, which allows for easy and secure transport to regattas far and wide. However, if the boat is to be effectively dry sailed in this way, it also raises the issue of whether a modern construction technique would suit better – hence the need for research.

‘The white boat Sian (below) is a Fife One Design from Wales designed in 1926. The Fife One Designs are like a smaller Dragon (Dragons were also sailing at the regatta) but much much prettier if that’s possible. They’re the standard club boat of the Royal Anglesea Yacht Club.

‘As I was supposed to be crewing (acting as ballast!) in one of the boats this year I had hoped to get some photos of the boats sailing but I ended up helming for them, so I didn’t get a chance – so I took these shots later from a small ply punt.

‘Regards, Tiernan’

It’s particularly interesting that Tiernan is working on the idea of building one or more CHODs. If the idea appeals to you, contact him via his website.

Fife One Design yacht Elsie photographed by Tiernan Roe Fife One Design yacht Elsie photographed by Tiernan Roe