Alec Jordan’s beautiful model of Iain Oughtred’s new Scottish rowing skiff

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DSC_3338 DSC_3339 DSC_3333


Alec Jordan’s model of Iain Oughtred’s new design, the St Ayles skiff. Note the liberal use of clothes pegs – Alec’s using pretty well the same building method he would in the real thing!

Jordan Boats proprieter Alec Jordan has built this model of Iain Oughtred’s St Ayles skiff, the boat at the heart of a project to bring competitive coastal rowing back to Scotland.

See an earlier post on the Scottish Coastal Rowing Project.

Jordan Boats is to supply cut-out ply kits for the project and like a good boatbuilder, Alec’s first step has been to make a model. Here’s what he says about it:

‘Hi Gavin

‘Attached are some pictures of the skiff model.

‘With the model having gone together successfully, I have now started on the
construction of the real thing in the past couple of days – I’m doing the donkey
work of laminating stems and frames at the moment. I will hopefully have
the moulds up on Saturday and start the planking next week.

‘The boat, I think, is absolutely sublime – I just hope that it rows as well
as it looks!

‘Best regards

‘Alec J

‘BTW, My Dad made the model of the Cutty Sark in the background, not me!’

Thanks for the pictures Alec – Iain’s design looks super and great good luck to all of you involved in this project.

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Who can save this Johnson & Jago 2 1/2 tonner now lying at Maldon?

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Johnson & Jago-built 2 1/2 tonner Dzorbha

Marinestore at Maldon sent an email to me (and probably many others) appealing for someone to take on this 1936 Johnson & Jago-built 2 1/2 tonner.

More details and photos can be found at the Marinestore weblog, but the basic information is as follows:

Dzorbha has been abandoned by her owner. Her planking and ribs are pitch pine on oak in good condition. She has no sails and her mast is long past its sell by date. Overall, she will need a lot of work by a true enthusiast. She can be viewed at Shipways Yard, North St, Maldon CM9 5HQ, in the back row against the fence.

Marinestore says it will accept any reasonable offer (the owner she goes to is more important than what we get). There will be a lifting charge to load her on to transport if required and we will allow a week for the new owner to get things organised. Please email any queries that you may have to – all offers by email must be in by 12pm on the 31st July.

I’ve emailed to ask for more photos and some history, but haven’t had a reply – but maybe you’ll be more lucky!

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Apple Pie – a project for the mid-winter break?

Apple Pie

Apple Pie

I’ve posted about this little boat in the past, but I think the message is well worth repeating at a time when many of us are thinking about the boats we’d like to build and use during the coming year.

Chuck Merrell’s Apple Pie dinghy is so small and simple, she’s a real kitchen-table boat – that is, she’s small enough to be built on a kitchen table, and simple enough that you may well be able to finish her before anyone complains they can’t do anything useful in the kitchen because there’s a boat in the way.

Seriously, it should be possible to build her in a very short space of time, and with very little in the way of materials. She’s also a clever and useful design and would make a great first boatbuilding project. Here’s the link for Chuck’s free boat plans.

If you do build one of these boats, we’d love to hear about it! Email me at

Dale Austin built one and has kindly allowed me to post a photo of the finished boat (below). Click on the picture for an enlargement.

He has also put up a photo log complete with instructions on his own site:

Applie Pie photo


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