International 12 Foot Dinghy plans drawings online

International 12 foot dinghy reader Erwin van Doeselaar has found a set of plans for the International 12 clinker built racing dinghy online.

They can be found at the Fries Scheepvaart Museum website and can be seen here.

I gather these are considered out of date and that a racing boat could not be built from them, though I’m not clear whether this is because they would not conform to class rules or whether a boat built from them might be too slow to win. However, I must say I find these little boats designed to be fast and fun very appealing – check out that transverse section.

But I’d hate to tip one over!

Two links to check out are 100 years of 12′ dinghy sailing and The International 12 Foot Dinghy Association.

Thanks Erwin!



Christine DeMerchant builds an Apple Pie plywood and epoxy dinghy

Christine DeMerchant builds Chuck Merrell's Applie Pie dinghy

Christine DeMerchant builds Chuck Merrell's Applie Pie plywood dinghy

Christine DeMerchant is having a great time building an Apple Pie plywood and epoxy dinghy from plans drawn up by Chuck Merrell. The aim is to use it as a tender to her sailing cruiser.

Follow her progress here. The plans she’s working from are here, and there’s a nice article explaining how Chuck came to draw the plans here. Merry Christmas everyone – and if you read the last link, you’ll know why I say that.

The Apple Pie is about as small as a boat can go and still be useful, and I think it makes a great quick get-afloat summer project; a couple of winters ago I suggested it would also make a good mid-winter kitchen-table kind of project.

Either way, if you haven’t yet taken the plunge and built your own boat, and don’t know if it’s an activity you would enjoy, this could be the way to go.

PS – Check Christine’s message in the Comments link below. She has completed and launched the boat, and is as pleased as punch with it. There’s a YouTube clip showing just how well it works.

The first Barton skiff will soon be afloat

Brian King's Barton skiff

Brian King's Barton skiff Brian King's Barton skiff Brian King's Barton skiff


The excitement is rising at Towers as launch day approaches for Brian King’s low-powered Barton skiff made from free boat plans available from this website.

My thanks go to Brian for permission to publish his photos.

He plans to use his homebuilt boat for exploring the large natural harbour of Milford Haven. Naturally, I’m delighted and particularly pleased to see that once translated from the drawings into three-dimensions the little boat looks like it means business.

It has a highish, bouyant prow to turn back waves; a little tumblehome to make the water accessible to someone in the boat without having to lean too far out for comfort; and a seating and outboard arrangement intended to make the boat sit well on the water when it’s loaded light with only one person and the outboard. From the builder’s perspective, it also has a central girder construction to ensure the boat comes out the right shape, and which also lends rigidity.

For more on this boat, see earlier posts.

For more plans, see the free boat plans page.