Artist James Dodds talks about this work, the sea and rebuilding the deep sea smack Pioneer

These YouTube clips make up a film about the Wivenhoe shipwright-turned-artist-and-book-publisher James Dodds, and includes material about the deep sea smack Pioneer, which was rescued from the mud and rebuilt in the town.

It’s striking to see the state she was in when the work began, and to compare that with the proud and smart vessel she is today (see some recent shots in this gallery of photos).

I wasn’t previously of the story of the Wildman of Orford, but it was great to find out about it. I must learn more – and there’s a bit more here.

My thanks to Otis Luxton for leading me to this one!


To Pyefleet with the Albert Strange Association

The Strangers are descending on Pyefleet this weekend, and they’ve put out a pretty wide-ranging invitation: just show up in something interesting – it doesn’t have to be a Strange boat – from HW (around 12.30) on Friday.

I’m hoping to be there, winds and tides permitting (and the weather does look good!). From experience, I can say the boats will be wonderful (including the splendid cutter Hardy), the organisation will be helpful and friendly, there will be a little sailing to do if you want to, and there will be a bring-and-share supper.

I gather there is to be an organised outing to look at the restored smack Pioneer.

You don’t have to be an ASA member to join them – but they do ask that you let them know you’re coming using the contact link on this ASA weblog post.

Some inspiring reading for Sunday morning: weblog 70.8% on Blondie Hasler

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Single-handed yachting hero Blondie Hasler

Weblog 70.8% has an interesting piece this morning on single-handed sailing pioneer, self-steering inventor and junk rig specialist Blondie Hasler this morning.

See the weblog post at 70.8% and the Wikipedia entry for Hasler – they’re especially worth reading if you don’t already know about the man.

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