Sailing a Matt Leyden Paradox – in case you have ever wondered what it was like

The answer seems to be that it’s surprisingly steady for a 14ft boat, and also, like a go-kart, sufficiently close to the water that the sense of speed is remarkable. The only thing I’d say is that for many people this is another of those YouTube moments when it’s best to turn the volume way down low…

There’s a page about these little boats here, and a set of study plans here.

A Paradox, up close and personal

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The Dinghy Cruising Association’s boats assembled at Beale, with
Al Law’s Paradox Little Jim in the foreground

dca-at-bewl-3 al-law-at-beale-1 dca-at-bewl-4


A highlight of the Beale Park Boat Show last year was meeting Al Law and seeing his home-built Matt Layden-designed Paradox named Little Jim close up.

Yes, this little 14-footer is the boat he sailed to the Scillies and back in company with another Paradox owner, Bill Serjeant. Some say the heavy displacement Paradox is a small sharpie, while others say it can’t be  a sharpie because it’s under 19ft. Both views are correct, of course, in the mad logic of boat nomenclature.

I say that it has an interesting n some ways it’s more like a model of a small modern ship.But whatever one calls them, they’re certainly interesting, and perhaps of particular interest to someone who has come to realise their family is unlikely to sail with them, and finds sailing a small, easily managed boat alone an agreeable alternative. See the study plans here and Al’s record of building and sailing his boat here. And if you’re wondering how a boat like this can sail, check this video and also this one of Bill’s boat Faith. Bill, I should add, had sailed his little boat right round the coast from Essex: see earlier posts.

Little Jim sailing at Beale Park

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Bill Serjeant reaches Plymouth in epic 14ft boat voyage

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Bill Serjeant’s Faith under sail

Bill’s little boat Faith. Click on the image to see his videos showing her
making way

Those of us who have had our faith shattered by the election of the new comedy mayor of London can draw some comfort from the success of a much more modest celebrity: Bill Serjeant.

Brave Bill has now made the trip from Essex to Plymouth in his little 14ft boat Faith, and I say he and his little craft deserve applause all round!

Follow his progress on his weblog Bill’s Log.

For more posts featuring Bill, follow this link.