Sailing a Matt Leyden Paradox – in case you have ever wondered what it was like

The answer seems to be that it’s surprisingly steady for a 14ft boat, and also, like a go-kart, sufficiently close to the water that the sense of speed is remarkable. The only thing I’d say is that for many people this is another of those YouTube moments when it’s best to turn the volume way down low…

There’s a page about these little boats here, and a set of study plans here.

6 thoughts on “Sailing a Matt Leyden Paradox – in case you have ever wondered what it was like”

    1. if you’ve ever sailed a Paradox you’ll know (or ask someone)…the lines are 1/4′ and 3/16″ and the reefing system takes a hefty haul to roller reef the main. It works great but requires a slightly excessive force to get it going.. No gloves? You’ll do it once… then you’ll be wearing bandages. šŸ™‚ How do I know? ‘Cuz I’m the guy in the video your bagging on. šŸ™‚

  1. If you’d seen Sean’s raw footage you’ll notice he was doing a lot of furling and unfurling of the sail.
    Whilst it’s a super simple system, doing it regularly takes a toll on the old hands.
    I wear gardening gloves which I slip on and off everytime I use the furling gear.
    Either that or blisters and raw flesh at the end of the day!
    Paradox Pete

    1. Thanks Pete! Appreciate you having my back! šŸ™‚ Yes , no gloves and a lot of furling will do your hands in quickly with the small lines. šŸ™‚

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