Invitation: Humber history book launch on the Spider T, 19th December from 11am-6pm

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Super Sloop Spider T in full sail

Humber sloop Spider T in full sail

Waterways and traditional boat enthusiasts including readers are invited to a pre-Christmas maritime exhibition and book-signing on board the Humber sloop Spider T, on Sunday, 19th December.

Journalist and writer Chris Horan will be signing copies of his new book Humber Sail and History: Riverside and Waterways Tales – Part 1.

The 208-page picture-packed volume features the restoration of Humber vessels to sail, the history of the river through the ages from ancient craft to the heyday of sloops and keels, and the demise of the ferry boats, which co-incided with the opening of the Humber Bridge.

New Holland-built Spider T will be open from 11am to 6pm on a mooring on the Stainforth to Keadby Canal at Keadby, and will also feature waterways paintings by artist Lesley Everatt.

Tea, coffee and mince pies will be available on the vessel, which will be decked out with festive lighting. Further details available from vessel owners Mal and Val Nicholson on 01724 783506.

If you’re in the area it sounds like a fun outing and the book sounds terrific. If you’re not, a quick check of the Amazon site reveals that they’re taking orders in advance of publication: Humber Sail and History: Riverside and Waterways Tales.

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Humber sloop Spider T gets a new riveted panel – and passes inspection

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Riveting Spider T panel

Spider T new plate riveting Spider T new plate riveting Spider T new plate riveting Humber sloop

Mal Nicholson has just had had Humber sloop Spider T in dry dock for two months, during which and colleagues replaced a 14ft plate in her port side using old fashioned riveting techniques.

‘I have had all the special equipment made, produced test pieces and then trained a team of five men to carry out the work,’ he says. ‘The results were first class results and have passed the marine surveyors inspection.’

Well done fellas! Click on the links to see video of the process from inside and from outside Spider T’s hull.

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Spider T’s lines

Spider T, Humber keel, lines

Spider T, Humber keel, lines Spider T, Humber keel, lines Spider T, Humber keel, lines

Again on the subject of the Humber sloop Spider T, owner Mal Nicholson thought I might like to share this lines drawing of her.

It was drawn by Frederick Warren in 1926, shortly before he died. According to Peter Warren, it was specific to Spider T and was a kind of swan-song for the sail-powered cargo era in the Humber.

Mal has been told that she has been called a super sloop because she is believed to have encompassed everything known about small sail-powered cargo craft design in the Humber at the time, and she’s probably the last Humber sloop to be built.

Mal says she makes a superb sea vessel and adds that the photos show what she is all about: cod headed and mackerel tailed, her bouyant bluff bows stop her diving when under load.

Visit to see details of the sea voyages Mal and friends have made in her. Also, if you’re interested in Spider T and are in the area, don’t forget the open days planned for this coming weekend.