Sailing barge Ceres carries cargoes on the Hudson


Ceres is a recently built craft trading non-perishable food goods up and down the Hudson river.

As many British readers will instantly see, she’s a home-built boat modelled on Thames sailing barges of the past, and has the flat ‘swim’ head that sailing barges had some two centuries ago.

Read all about how a carpenter-turned-farmer started up the Vermont Sail Freight Project, built Ceres and started carrying cargoes on the VSFP weblog.

There is a small piece of film of her maiden voyage here (music warning – stand by your volume control!) and an early short film and fund-raising page introducing the project here. And Tugster has photos here and here.

One thought on “Sailing barge Ceres carries cargoes on the Hudson”

  1. Fascinating stuff. I’m always interested in modern day examples of working sail.

    I recently came across another example: this one is a couple in Cornwall making use of the concession under EU fishing regulations that allows unpowered vessels under 10 metres to fish without a licence and, thus, without the imposition of quotas.

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