1936 photo of HMY Brittannia being towed to the spot where she was scuttled

Britannia's Last Voyage

This striking photo shows the Royal Yacht Britannia on her way to her final resting place to be sunk off the Isle of Wight on the 10th July 1936, in line with King George V’s wish following his death.

She was scuttled at night, and for this reason boat builder, columnist and general student of these things Adrian Morgan (see comments link below) believes this shot was actually taken the day before.

The Wikipedia has a good page on the original Britannia here (there is of course a magnificent new Britannia is currently being fitted out) and there are more posts on this weblog here.

Thanks to Daniel Simons for sending me this photograph. I should tell you that Daniel has published a new hardback book ‘Valkyrie Weather: Rowhedge and the America’s Cup’, which follow Lord Dunraven’s two America’s Cup challengers Valkyrie II (1893) and Valkyrie III (1895) from their construction through trial races, regattas, Atlantic crossings and Cup races in New York, to their final journeys to the nautical knacker’s yard using contemporary newspaper and yachting journal articles.

It’s likely to be of particular interest to those interested in Rowhedge family and local history.

Only 100 copies of ‘Valkyrie Weather’ are available, and the book is available only through eBay.

One thought on “1936 photo of HMY Brittannia being towed to the spot where she was scuttled”

  1. The trip round the back of Wight took place at night, in company with the destroyers Amazon and Winchester. I may be wrong, but this looks like her tug Irishman towing her from Marvin’s yard on the Medina to a buoy in Cowes Roads, where she awaited that fateful July night.

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