Favourite local sailing craft in the autumn sunshine


Bonita, Wonder and Privateer

Out sailing at the weekend (thanks for your company Jim and Richard), I took the opportunity to photograph these local favourites on the Swale – to my mind they’re each among the reasons this is such a great place to keep and use a boat.

The yawl Bonita has a Facebook page, from which I learn that she was built in Arnside, Cumbria, UK in 1888 and has been in the care of the Beckett family for over 60 years.

Wonder is an Itchen Ferry built by the legendary Dan Hatcher in about 1860. There are more photos here.

Privateer is a 1930s-built smack that is always kept in beautiful condition.

One thought on “Favourite local sailing craft in the autumn sunshine”

  1. Bonita is beautiful – and i have often looked for pictures of her online before – without luck , so thanks ! My dad knew Alan Beckett senior after the war – when he kept Bonita in the neighbouring mud-berth at Erith yacht club. He would never discuss Bonita’s age with anyone – and used to say “its rude to ask a lady her age”. During the winter, when asked if he had a lot of work to do on Bonita, he would reply “just sweeping the cobwebs out of her bilges”

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