Dylan Winter’s Keep Turning Left

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Forgive me, for I have sinned – I have quietly been enjoying Dylan Winter’s video series Keep Turning Left and have failed to mention it for far too long.

If you haven’t seen his Youtube videos about slowly sailing around our coast in an anti-clockwise direction, you should – and soon.

He’s up to over 40 episodes now and they look and sound great,  I have to say. Dylan makes excellent use of a camera, and he’s an entertaining and informative commentator with whom I find I usually agree. He’s interested in sailing, landscapes, history, the way we use our planet and in almost any kind of boat that doesn’t have a large engine and doesn’t have to move a huge amount of water to get somewhere, and films and talks about all of them.

Ah, sailing slowly around the country. I suppose I should mention that I’m prejudiced in all this. The whole idea makes me envious to the point of losing my marbles!

2 thoughts on “Dylan Winter’s Keep Turning Left”

  1. Gavin, I too have sinned! While Dylan's travelogues do not have the mysterious undertone of Ben's latest video's, that's not his goal and his consistent,and comforting dialogues keep me warmed like a fire in the fireplace. I hope it takes him forever to round Britain. I will remind my readers that he's actively 'sailing as slow as he can'.

    1. Another thing about Dylan is that he tends to sail in sight of land simply because it's more interesting. That'll make his progress trickier, but I agree about the principle – at least until the going gets too difficult!

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