An appeal for information – what’s the background to the Solveig yacht design?

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Martin Cooper has written to ask for any information on the Solveig design; he’d like to contact owners and to learn about other examples of this strikingly good-looking double-ender.

Here’s what he says:

‘I have owned her for 19 years now but in this time I have only limited information of the design. I know she was built by George Durr in Switzerland, but despite visiting the yard and meeting with George and his son Philippe, I have only found out that they recall her as a Solveig design. We believe the designer was Maurice Amiet but this information and extensive surfing the web has not lead to any further information.’

If anyone can please shed some light on this boat, please contact me at, and I’ll pass the information on.

2 thoughts on “An appeal for information – what’s the background to the Solveig yacht design?”

  1. Many thanks for the information.

    I now believe there is limited number of Solveig built. It may be that there are as few as 15 to 20 i.e. 10 or so by Felix Silvestro plus the 5 that George Durr built. Of the George Durr variant I did see another when I visited the boar yard in 2004. The other one I saw was a much fuller hull shape with more internal volume. George said he built 2 of the slimmer type, and 3 of the fuller hull.

    Looking at the pictures in there would appear to be the difference in the deck line between the early Silvestro boats and my Solveig but I can not be sure if this was the yards or another design variant.

    I did find the reference in Le Yacht (1955) but this issue is out of stock on the web sites I have found, so we can not buy a copy as yet.

    I am also aware for searching the Internet of these other links:-

    Thanks again

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