An invitation for 5th December – see the Boatbuilding Academy student boat launch

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Sadie Snowdon Johnny Tyson Teddy at sea

dsc_0528 cirrus-with-mike-broome-bba-instructor-designer seapod-the-peapod-5

Some of the boats Academy students have built in the past: Sadie Snowdon’s dory; Johnny Tyson’s whitehall; Edward Hoogewerf’s Ebihen;Marc Chivers’ pilot punt; Bob Hinks’ Cirrus; and Charlie Hussey’s Seapod the Peapod

Boatbuilding Academy principal Yvonne Green and colleagues have extended an invitation to readers to see students launch their boats at Lyme, starting at 8.30am on the 5th December.

The boats are an interesting collection, and will include:

  • an 8ft traditional pram dinghy built using trunnels and without adhesives or metal fixings
  • a 16ft 6in half-size sgoth niseach
  • a 16ft cold-moulded motorboat based on a design by C G Pettersson
  • a 15ft 11in Haven 12 1/2 designed by Nathaniel Herreschoff
  • a 16ft 10in double-ended clinker Tirrik designed by Iain Oughtred
  • a 15ft Chestnut strip-built canoe built from Western red cedar
  • a 7ft 10in Auk glued clinker dinghy, again designed by Iain Oughtred

I won’t be able to make it – I live in Kent – but I hope the weather gets better by early December, as I doubt there’s a boatbuilder in the world who would want to test their boats for the first time in the kind of wind we’ve been having too much of lately!

By the way – if any readers do manage to get along and would like to send in some photos and their impressions for publication, I’d love to receive them at!

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