Heritage Coast Sailing and Rowing start building their first lapstrake Mackinaw boat

Michigan-based Heritage Coast Sailing and Rowing members are constructing a 23ft lapstrake-built Mackinaw boat, with the aim of encouraging sailing and rowing on Lake Huron using the regional boat type.

The project weblog is here.

The Heritage Coast Sailing and Rowing project draws inspiration from the success of Scottish Coastal Rowing, and plans to organise similar rowing and social events. However, the new organisation has chosen the local Mackinaw boat type designed by Richard Pierce instead of the Iain Oughtred-designed St Ayles skiff favoured by the Scots.

Said to represent a merger of Native American canoe building and European carpentry, Mackinaw boats, were developed in the upper Great Lakes for fishing boats and carrying passengers and general freight.

Construction began in East Tawas on Lake Huron on the 16th April using a kit of cut-out planking and framing materials supplied by Alec Jordan’s Jordan Boats, which also supplies kits for the St Ayles skiffs.

BBC TV programme about the Scottish Coastal Rowing Project is on the iPlayer now – catch it if you can

BBC Alba TV programme Scottish Coastal Rowing

The BBC Alba TV channel has made a programme about the amazing Scottish Coastal Rowing, in which communities build St Ayles skiffs designed by Iain Oughtred to kits supplied by Alec Jordan, and race them in a series of regattas and events across Scotland and beyond.

My thanks to Osbert Lancaster for the tip – see his weblog Forthsailor.

The growth of the new style of rowing over the past two years has been a phenomenon, with more than 40 of the boats built.

The programme’s available on the BBC iPlayer for the next few days. Catch it if you can!

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Scottish Coastal Rowing – a reminder

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St Ayles skiffs Scottish Coastal Rowing

St Ayles Skiff Coigach Lass beating Ulla in the Ladies Open at the Loch Broom Sailing Club regatta. My thanks to Chris Perkins for use of this photo

Who’s having big fun this summer? All of you, I hope, but most of all I’m quite sure the Scottish Coastal Rowing Association folks are having a riot!

I’ve been meaning to write another post about the SCRA for a little while, but have been distracted by all sorts of busy-ness – with the result that a lot of people have beaten me to it. So this is just a short post designed to serve as a reminder that this project to create a new class of rowing racing around the coast of Scotland is proving amazingly successful with races taking place at Portsoy and at Eyemouth.

Apart from the main association website, photos and information can be found at:

PS – I’d also like to draw readers’ attention to Osbert Lancaster’s thoughtful and informative comment below. It’s well worth a look. Thanks Osbert!