Woody Jones builds a model Julie skiff

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Woody Jones’ model of the Julie skiff

Woody Jones has written to share these photos he has made of the intheboatshed.net Julie skiff – the little wire figures are a lot of fun!

See our model here and Ben Crawshaw’s model here.

Plans for making the model are here and for making the complete rowing skiff are here.

For more on the skiff, the plans for the boat and for the model:

Is anyone building the stitch-and-glue intheboatshed.net skiff?
Model Julie skiff photos from Ben Crawshaw

Complete free plans package for the intheboatshed.net flat-bottomed 15ft 6in skiff
intheboatshed.net skiff – drawings and coordinates for stitch and glue
intheboatshed.net skiff – photos of our model, and maybe yours too?
Intheboatshed.net skiff – now we can make a model
Intheboatshed.net skiff progress
Early drawings for a 15ft 5in lightweight flat-bottomed American-style skiff

Christer Byström offers free plans for cute small round-bottomed boats

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Christer Byström’s Bridget

Christer Byström is someone who has taken his boating dream in his own direction and made a success of it.

A big theme has been very small sharp bowed boats: beginning with building Phil Bolger’s tiny Queen Mab design, Christer has gone on to build several small boats using the strip planking technique. My favourite among these is his Bridget, which he designed for his daughter and which takes its rig from an Optimist. I should add that he has also designed andbuilt at least one larger boat.

But what everyone really needs toknow about Christer’s boats is that he makes the plans available for free. Check them out at his free plans website.

Tad Roberts offers free plans for his Exploration Ketch

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Tad Roberts has made plans for his Exploration Ketch available for free

British Columbia designer Tad Roberts has made the plans for his 23ft 9in Exploration Ketch available for free from his website. The plans themselves are on this page.

It’s a very nice looking boat, and the people in the photos seem to be having the time of their lives in some enviable summer weather (we’re deep in winter here in England just now).

There’s a lot one could do with a boat like this, but with all that string to play with I think it would be particularly good for sailing schools and for family outings. My tha nks to Duckworks Magazine for the lead.