Woody Jones builds a model Julie skiff

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Woody Jones’ model of the Julie skiff

Woody Jones has written to share these photos he has made of the intheboatshed.net Julie skiff – the little wire figures are a lot of fun!

See our model here and Ben Crawshaw’s model here.

Plans for making the model are here and for making the complete rowing skiff are here.

For more on the skiff, the plans for the boat and for the model:

Is anyone building the stitch-and-glue intheboatshed.net skiff?
Model Julie skiff photos from Ben Crawshaw

Complete free plans package for the intheboatshed.net flat-bottomed 15ft 6in skiff
intheboatshed.net skiff – drawings and coordinates for stitch and glue
intheboatshed.net skiff – photos of our model, and maybe yours too?
Intheboatshed.net skiff – now we can make a model
Intheboatshed.net skiff progress
Early drawings for a 15ft 5in lightweight flat-bottomed American-style skiff

2 thoughts on “Woody Jones builds a model Julie skiff”

  1. Gavin,

    Thanks for this simple skiff and the clever idea of a quick model. For a sailing version, the stern seats could form a U to a allow comfortable seating position for any point of sail.

    Happy sailing!


    1. Thanks for your kind comment Doryman. They could be extedned to create a U as you say, but my thinking is going a different way. I'm thinking of a half-deck with sides one can sit on rather like my Light Trow, as I think it makes for safer, more comfortable sailing.


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