Matthew Atkin photographs Casablanca’s fishing port


My brother Matt is back, this time with a set of photographs of Casablanca, in Morocco. Most of the boats are made from wood, and the smaller craft with their high prows are very striking, just as they were in Matt’s photos of Agadir.

I’m reminded of the way Grimsby used to be forty-odd years ago. Thanks Matt!

Matthew Atkin’s photos of fishing boats at Agadir


My globe-trotting brother Matthew Atkin has been out taking more of his stunning photos – this time of the fishing boats of Agadir, Morocco, with their striking and graceful high bows.

Wonderful stuff. Thanks Matt!

PS – if you enjoyed these shots, take a squiz at Matt’s collection of shots from the fishing port at Casablanca.

Traditional wooden boat building at Agadir, Morocco

Boat building at Agadir, Morocco Boat building at Agadir, Morocco

Boat building at Agadir, Morocco 

Traditional wooden boat building at Agadir, Morocco, snapped  by Spider T owner Mal Nicholson while on a holiday recently. It’s rough old stuff, but it’s traditional boat building on a commercial basis, and clearly not for the yacht trade.

Where do boat enthusiasts go on their holidays? Somewhere with boats and ships, most likely – if water-borne craft can be found, the old boat nut in your family will find them.