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The Truant Cinderella Design 295

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A classic duel between Fife yachts

The Truant

Currently being restored by the Classic Sailing Club, the Fife-built classic 8-metre racing yachts Ierne and Truant will compete in the 8 Metre World Championships in July, and then in a re-enactment of the Jura Duel.

The Duel was a famous challenge between the same two yachts in 1919, in which they raced from Crinan to Jura for a case of Continue reading “A classic duel between Fife yachts”

A new blog: Roach’s Adventures

Design 295

My significant other Julie found a great new weblog today. Roach’s Adventures is about a refurb job being carried out on a Norman Dallimore yacht that seems to have been built to ‘design 295’.

In fact Roach bears a close resemblance to a boat that the Gweek Quay Boatyard has been restoring, and which it exhibited at the 2007 London Boat Show, which I didn’t go to this year. Still, I bet she was a sight for sore eyes for people made weary by the blizzard of white plastic and lurid sailboarding gear…


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