Rescue Wooden Boats folks continue boat restoration, organise fishing family meet and build their archives

1940 RNLI lifeboat Lucy Lavers

The folks at Norfolk’s Rescue Wooden Boats are doing wonderful work for their area – and there’s no doubt that that there should be organisations like this right round our coast.

Ther’s a real vision here. Can we have a similar organisation for North Kent please?

From Rescue Wooden Boats’ newsletter and website I learn:

  • that they’re making grand progress on restoring the RNLI lifeboat boat Lucy Lavers (see the photo above) – she was built just in time to take part in the Operation Dynamo evacuation of Dunkirk, and is now receiving tender loving care with the aid of a Lottery grant
  • they’ve invited fishing families from along the coast from Kings Lynn to Yarmouth to an open day at the Rescue Wooden Boats Visitor Centre to meet old friends, and see the centre’s work including the boatbuilding and restoration work going on in the boatyard. That must have been a great day
  • and they’re continuing to add to Rescue Wooden Boats’ collection of photos and films. These are real gems – I’ve posted about the films before, but the photos are also well worth the time it takes to click through to see them


4 thoughts on “Rescue Wooden Boats folks continue boat restoration, organise fishing family meet and build their archives”

      1. I was thinking that with the idea of shipwright apprentice schemes a St Ayles skiff would be an excellent project, I am sure we could raise the finance for materials if the labour was free.

        1. Drop the Faversham Creek Trust a line, I’d say. They might conceivably be able to fit something like that in – though I think part of the Scottish Coastal Rowing thing is that folks demonstrate their commitment and build a sense of community by building together, and then rowing together.

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