This Bridlington-built rowing boat is beautiful – but the owner needs help

This lovely rowing boat built by P Siddall of Bridlington – but its Dutch owner, Ton Jansse, is in need of knowledge and advice on how best to proceed. He has already asked how to replace the missing bits of strake, how the interior should be laid out, what kind of paint to use and what colours would have been used originally.

He’s clearly the kind of chap who wants to do it the right way.

If anyone can fill in some of the gaps in terms of paint and colours, interior and so on – and if anyone has photos of similar boats, please let me know at, as usual.

But perhaps the biggest question, I think, is the one about how to obtain the necessary boatbuilding skills. Short of going on a course (desirable, probably, but not always practical), what do readers think an amateur’s best sources are these days?

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  1. As one amateur to another:
    I think the best sources are books like “How to build a wooden boat” by David C. McIntosh or “Details of Classic Boat construction” by Larry Pardey. Both excellent in their description of how things really should be done. Alternatively one could try “Buehler’s backyard boatbuilding” by George Buehler on how things could be done.

    More importantly use trial and error. Just get going but do not hesitate to rip it out and start again if the result is not to your own standards. Do not cut any corners when buying materials. If a specific task feels particularly difficult ask a local professional to show you once how it’s done.

    With these “rules”, no formal training in boatbuilding or woodwork and a background as an office working we’ve started the rebuild of a 1906 Boston smack some 14 years ago. Our first sail was 12 years later. To view the process and results check out

      1. Would like to locate a bridlington rowing boat built by P sidwell , if you have any ideas where I can find one please

        1. Best person to contact is Rob Miles 07703 201167. He is Mr Siddall’s grandson and had a number of the original old hire boats available some years back. Don’t know the current position but worth a try!
          They are fine boats and well worth repairing. I have had one of the original Siddall hire boats for nearly 40 years and it’s still going strong, new timbers, new sheer plank gunwhale and seats.
          Great boat to row, lovely run, a fine sea boat too.
          Good luck

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