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Chesapeake Bay log canoe sailing on video

Mighty stuff filmed by Seth Jones – just look at the huge rigs on those slender Chesapeake Bay log canoe hulls, the youngest of which are still old boats in anyone’s terms.

And the choice of music is so much preferable to the techy-synthy-guitary rock so often used to accompany these things. Surely old boats deserve something at least a little apt? Here we have a graceful old boat treated to a little graceful old music…

Australian Historical 10 Foot Skiff Class racing

My thanks to Earwegoagin for pointing out the existence of an extraordinary sailing sport I hadn’t previously imagined – the Australian Historical 10 foot Skiff Class (click here and here).

The skiffs are 10 ft long and carry as much sail area as their three man crews can cope with. No trapezes, leaning boards or ratchet blocks are allowed. With three blokes in a ten foot boat, they sometimes sit on the transom, at others I think they sit on each other…


2013 Skiffie Worlds featured in Water Craft magazine


Read the nice feature about Scottish Coastal Rowing’s Skiffie Worlds event by Kathy Mansfield recently published by Watercraft magazine here.

Lyme Regis to be the new home of Bantry Bay gig Intégrité

IMG_6836 copy

Lyme Regis is to be the home of the 38ft Bantry Bay gig that represents Great Britain in the two-yearly Atlantic Challenge.

In addition to the Atlantic Challenge, Intégrité will also take part in a new venture, Atlantic Challenge England.

The sail and oar-powered boat was built by the late John Kerr, boat builder and founder of Atlantic Challenge GB, in his workshop in Llandysul, West Wales in 1992.

Real greyhounds of the sea, the Bantry Bay gigs are wooden replicas of late 18th century longboats, and are modelled on an existing original gig left behind in Bantry Bay, Ireland by the invading French fleet of 1796 – if, like me, you don’t remember the story of the French attempt to invade Ireland in that era, there’s a page of information at the Wikipedia.

Some 55 of the boats have been built, often by communities.

Taking care of Intégrité and racing her is to be  sister project of the town’s Gig Club, an will have its own committee who will undertake fundraising and oversee the storage, maintenance and management of the gig in partnership with Lyme Regis Development Trust. I understand local boat builder Gail McGarva is very much involved, and that the project is also supported by the Lyme Regis harbour master.

International 12 Foot Dinghy plans drawings online

International 12 foot dinghy

Intheboatshed.net reader Erwin van Doeselaar has found a set of plans for the International 12 clinker built racing dinghy online.

They can be found at the Fries Scheepvaart Museum website and can be seen here.

I gather these are considered out of date and that a racing boat could not be built from them, though I’m not clear whether this is because they would not conform to class rules or whether a boat built from them might be too slow to win. However, I must say I find these little boats designed to be fast and fun very appealing – check out that transverse section.

But I’d hate to tip one over!

Two links to check out are 100 years of 12′ dinghy sailing and The International 12 Foot Dinghy Association.

Thanks Erwin!



OGA 50th jubilee at Cowes, 15-18th August

Photos by Chris Boynton

The Old Gaffer’s Association’s big do at Cowes on the Isle of Wight on the 15-18th August looks like wonderful fun.

For one thing, it will see what is likely to be the largest racing fleet of gaff-rigged boats to be assembled in many decades, if not ever.

In addition to the big race on the Saturday, the events include various parties, shanty singing, a competition to sail Dutch clogs, another of the OGA’s downwind rubber dinghy races, various other kinds of nonsense and a 400-cover dinner. Gorblimey!

Read all about it here.