Gorgeous film of Galway hookers racing


My long-standing sailing and Internet friend Peter Vanderwaart today tipped me off about this Youtube clip of a collection of Galway hookers, and cheered me up no end.

I gather it was made for a television series featuring the boats broadcast on TG4, but I haven’t been able to work out how to see the programmes via the station’s website. But aren’t these heavy, shapely wooden boats just the bee’s knees?

There’s an enthusiastic few paragraphs about the hookers at the Sailing Anarchy post for today, which seems a nice if slightly surprising thought when you consider the modern, high-tech kind of boating that site usually features. It’s not somewhere I link to very often.

Thanks Peter!

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  1. thomas says:

    Gavin, thanks for this. Even the overly heroic soundtrack didn't seem out of place. Just too short.

  2. Wim says:


    The site of the series: http://www.tg4.ie/bearla/clar/abnt/abnt.asp

    TG4 LIVE (rightcorner of the site) is the channel’s BroadbandTV service offering their current programmes. The material remains available for viewing for 35 days after transmission on TG4.

    I think these 35 days have been expired.


  3. jay cresswell says:

    brilliant, just brilliant

  4. Dan Newton says:

    Thanks Gavin, for the lovely video. Howard Chapelle has plans for the Galway Hooker in his American Small Sailing Craft. I built a model that my children and I sail on our neighbor's pond.


    • Gavin Atkin says:

      I don't recall that – it's some years since I read the book, but I may look it out tonight.

      Do you have any photos of your model to share please?


      • Gavin Atkin says:

        It's true – American Small Sailing Craft includes something that in the mid 19th Century was called an Irish cutter, and which Chappelle says was really only a slightly modified Galway hooker. He adds that there's a drawing of a Galway hooker in Dixon Kemp and I've just taken a look – and by Harry he's right.


  5. Gary Mac says:

    Hi Gavin,

    For more on the Galway Hookers – (for those addicted):

    Have a look for work by An Eamon & Ciane de Buitlear.

    DVD – The Islandman

    The Galway Hookers by Richard J Scott ISBN 0-9547915-0-9 includes a DVD – Huiceiri (Hookers)

    Book/DVD/plans – three booklet set – Shipwrights:

    1. The Galway Hooker ISBN 0-9549023-0-0 (3 page drawings include offsets)

    2. The Canvas Currach ISBN 0-9549023-2-7

    3. The Wooden Currach ISBN 0-9549023-1-9

    ( this is a loverly bit of work)


    Traditional Boats of Ireland
    (a tome – I'm still working through this one)

    Gary Mac

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