Torbay Regatta, 1936

My thanks go to fishing boat scholar Mike Smylie of Kipperland for spotting this one!

Photos of Hull trawlermen at the turn of the 20th century on Retronaut

Hull-Trawlermen-3 Hull-Trawlermen-36 Hull-Trawlermen-37

Retronaut has this fabulous magic lantern slide set depicting Hull trawlermen. Curated by James Morley, as well as cute dogs, images of great camaraderie, cute dogs and boats, there are are also posed group shots, moments of cross dressing and even a little nudity…

Dory fishermen’s lives in the 1920s on film

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Albert Khan

Still of fishermen long-lining from dories in the 1920s, from the Albert Khan archive

Some fabulous documentary film of French fishermen catching cod from on the Grand Banks off Newfoundland is online now via the BBC iPlayer – if you’re lucky enough to have access to it. Click here!

Originally from Alsace, Albert Khan was a rich pacifist, philanthopist and internationalist who sought to promote world peace by using photography as a means of persuading the people in the West of the enormous diversity of human life and culture – so he sent French photographers on trips throughout the World to shoot black and white as well as early colour photos and film.

To say that the material his photographers brought back is hugely impressive would be an understatement. It clearly demonstrates the richness and high degree of civilisation of the lives lived by many in even the remotest areas of the world and should be seen by anyone who doesn’t know enough about people in other parts of the world, just as Khan intended.

But enough of the sermon – this particular programme includes some fabulous footage of the lives and work of dory fishermen fishing from French boats in the era before the trawlers emptied the Grand Banks of cod, as well as excerpts from the telling diary of the photographer who took it.There’s also some nice clips of sailing Breton tuna fishermen in port.

If you can see material on the iPlayer, do catch it before it’s no longer available!

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