Gary Vaughan’s fascinating collection of postcards, including Faversham Creek

 Oare Creek above the bridge 1905

Oare Creek and Hollowshore, 1955 Faversham Creek, showing shipyards 1940 Faversham Creek 1960 Pollock's sideways launch

Postcard collector Gary Vaughan has a fascinating website showing his many images of old Kent, including quite a few of Faversham and Faversham Creek in particular – this is just a small sample!

Notice how large ships used the creek, how hard the creek shore was back when the sluice gates were used regularly to wash the mud from the creek, and how different the area above the bridge used to be. They’re all eye opening to those of us who have only come to know the creek in recent decades – even the launch from the sideways slip at Pollock’s Yard is  a surprise.

Got to his Faversham Creek page, or to his home page to see many more.