National Trust replaces famous Lindisfarne Castle boatsheds

Upturned boatsheds480

Photo by Catherine Atkinson

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We must now be a recognised part of the meeja – we’ve received another interesting press release today announcing that the Lindisfarne boatsheds have been replaced. It’s great also to be able to celebrate some more great sheds – it’s been too long since the our last post on this important topic. Perhaps we should make sheds a category of their own?

I remember the original up-turned boatsheds from the one time I visited Lindisfarne in the 1970s, when I was a student in the area. They remind me very much of Halfpenny Cottage at Hastings, which is similarly made from an upturned half-boat.

Anyway, here’s the information the way the National Trust tells it:

Official opening of restored boatsheds at Lindisfarne Castle

The iconic upturned boats that replace those tragically destroyed by fire at Lindisfarne Castle officially open to the public.

The boats that sit below the castle are familiar landmarks on Holy Island. Continue reading “National Trust replaces famous Lindisfarne Castle boatsheds”


Beale Park Thames Boat Show details and exhibitor list

Beale Park Boat Show Salmon boat Currach 3 enlarged

Gena c2.jpg Children in canoe

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We’ve just received a press release from the people who run the Beale Park Boat Show – it’s going to be bigger and better than ever, and there will even be an arena offering entertainment for visitors. And this year they’re planning to hand out the show brochure for free!

We’ve also received an Exhibitor list, which I’m sure will probably interest readers.

The release starts here:

Beale Park Thames Boat Show 2007
Friday, June 8 – Sunday, June 10
February 2007

Boats galore, FREE river trips, displays on the lake, demonstrations, Continue reading “Beale Park Thames Boat Show details and exhibitor list”

Pete’s guide to the Norfolk Broads

Broad guide Broads guide

Broads guide Broads guide

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In the depths of winter it’s far too early to upset yourself with this kind of thing, but I’m already dreaming about my holidays.

Naturally, I’ve started to think about the Norfolk Broads once again. We won’t get there because my summer’s activities are already focused on the South Coast and the Swale, but it’s a great part of the world, and such a happy place to go sailing with kids. I’ve put up some old film photos for those of you who don’t yet know the area and the stress-free sailing it can offer. Click on them for an enlarged view.

Poking about with the world’s favourite search engine, I found this very nice guide to The Broads, which some of you might find interesting or even useful – and maybe you’ll even consider paying this special place a visit sometime: