Stirling & Son repair and restoration of 72ft motor yacht Aquatic Life

Here’s a galllery (in no particular order) of an amazing large and thorough repair and restoration job by Stirling & Son. It’s one of those ‘how the other half boats’ moments, but impressive with it, and looking at the photos you can just smell the wood and other materials…

Will Stirling writes:

‘In May this year the 72ft Silver’s motor yacht Life Aquatic was re-launched after an 18-month restoration at Stirling and Son’s No. 1 Covered Slip at Plymouth.

‘To give you an idea of the extent of the work, every bolt was driven out and replaced and I’ve calculated that if all the seams were laid end to end the caulking gang would have raked out and re-caulked a continuous line from the yard to Plymouth city centre.

‘The Gardner 6LXB engines were restored to zero hours by Mike Harrison of Gardner Marine Diesels.

‘Following sea trials in the south west during June, we delivered her from Plymouth, via the Pillars of Hercules, to Monte Carlo where she will be based for the forseeable future.

‘I thought on a personal note you might be interested in a slide show of the job – it is something of a change from the building of the Alert that you followed a few years ago! Hope all is well, Will’

Thanks Will! I trust you’re having a great summer.

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